Building the Crown Wharf Theatre – Part 2

Joule’s Brewery have been making the most of the beautiful summer and have been powering on with the build.

The shell of Wharfingers Cottage is now complete which will be closely followed by the workshop/storage unit which will be made watertight and windproof with a green shutter door, or two, or three.

Wharfingers store, which has been opened out into the auditorium space, is being lovingly restored with the addition of a steel frame to help support the eventual roof and a lighting grid.

And the most dramatic addition to the theatre build so far has been design and construction of the auditorium’s steel frame which has been no mean feat. A challenge to our talented engineers, whose calculations extended to 189 sheets of data- that’s enough to stage a paper aeroplane competition for 17 football teams! (Something we’ve always wondered about).

The framework consists of 67 tonnes of steel which is the equivalent of 17 elephants, or 67,000 penguins, or 5.6 double decker buses (now we know!) And our steel story continues with the design of our balcony level and tech room currently underway which will hopefully be fitted towards the end of Joule’s Brewery’s outer-shell construction period.

In the meantime, the first bricks have been laid…