Work kicks off on the back of house

The CWT charity now officially holds the keys to what is set to be a transformative theatre and events space. The shell is complete (an amazing donation from Joule’s Brewery to the town), the lease is signed, and the theatre bar will very soon be christened when Joule’s open the doors on their new brewery tap at Crown Wharf. 

Thanks to £50,000 of funding from Stone Town Hall Charities, work has kicked off on the theatre’s back of house areas. We’ve brought contractors in to build a single-storey link extension (ensuring our performers have a dry route to stage), they’ve knocked through to connect Wharfinger’s Cottage to the side store building, and they’ve extended the floor in one of the two chorus dressing rooms. It’s been incredibly exciting to see work getting under way. 

The rest of the backstage area will be community built, so keep an eye on our website and CWT on social media for details on how you or your business can get involved. We’ll need your help to get the back of house finished.

The auditorium has been given a boost by some generous offers in kind but there is still a way to go. The world of grant funding has started to open up again and we have some promising bids in the pipeline, so fingers crossed it won’t be too long until we can open our doors.