Our target is big, but so is our ambition to fill a longstanding gap in Stone’s cultural and social landscape. From bid writing, to founding sponsorships and local community group led events, this is a project driven by community spirit; teams of people pulling together to achieve something great for our community.

We need each and every one of you and appreciate whatever support you are able to give.

So whether you are able to donate, volunteer, fundraise, offer support via our No Cost to you page, or are just excited to buy your first theatre ticket, thank you.

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Up to £10 Will buy the bulbs that surround the dressing room mirrors and light up Stone’s budding young performer’s faces as they prepare to dazzle and amaze.

£20 Will help toward a small kitchen and Green Room, ensuring our technicians, set builders, costume makers and stage hands can grab the many thousands of cups of tea to required to fuel them over the years.

£50 Will help ensure we have all the access facilities possible both back stage and the auditorium, making sure Stone’s theatre is a great space for everyone to enjoy and participate.

£100 Will help ensure we have the heating to keep us warm in the winter, the air conditioning to keep us cool in the summer and all the tools in the workshop to help us build, make & mend!

£200 Will help toward the hundreds of lights, the powerful speakers and the hundreds of meters of cabling needed to make sure our theatre looks and sounds great.

£500 Will help us buy one more seat for our theatre, and we’ll even put your name on it!

If you can buy a seat or would like to make a contribution of over £500, please e-mail info@crownwharftheatre.org.uk to organise this with a member of the fundraising team. 

We need heat so we can warm,
We need power so we can shine,
We need steel so we are strong.

We need floors so we can stand,
We need seats so we can sit,
We need lights so we can see.

We need tools so we can work,
We need curtains so we can open,
And we need you so it can happen.