Joule’s Brewery have now completed the outer shell of the theatre including the restoration of the pre-existing buildings on site for our back of house facilities. The buildings are watertight and windproof but the walls made of brick, the floors made of rubble and the view up to the rafters is uninterrupted.

The main services have been supplied but all cabling, plumbing, plastering, electrical work and carpentry is down to us.

We are looking for plumbers, electricians, builders, carpenters, decorators and everything in between who are able to donate their time and their trade.

We need your help and your skills to make this happen, so whatever time you can spare, please get in touch via the form below. Alternatively, if time is something you don’t have, any at-cost material donations would be more than gratefully received.

We wouldn’t be able to thank you enough but a picture on our website and documented forever in our Founders book (to be displayed in the theatre) is a start!