The auditorium will be a flexible open space that is accessible to all sectors of the community: a place for cinema, bands, music, comedy, dance, events, meetings, conferences and of course theatre.

Octagonal in its design, the auditorium has the potential to seat up to 200 people at full capacity and includes two rows of wrap-around balcony seating. The restored Wharfingers store has also been opened out to connect to the freshly built octagonal space which has increased the auditorium’s total square footage from 2050 to 2728sq.ft! So whether you’re looking to perform within the store area to an octagon full of people or get in amongst the audience and perform within the octagon itself, we can accommodate.

To give you an idea of space, our “standard” front-on layout which is estimated to seat approximately 160 people, would leave you with a performance area of 10m x 8m with the width increasing as the area fans out into the Octagon.

And here are some further layouts including thrust and traverse options.

Our crowning glory is the central vaulted ceiling or “the crown” that the octagonal auditorium has been designed around, which at its highest point reaches an impressive 9m.