The Crown Wharf Theatre is a collaborative project between Stone Revellers Musical Theatre, Joule’s Brewery and Stone Town Council. Our aim is to design, build and run a studio theatre space in Stone; providing professional facilities that are flexible, affordable and accessible to performers and audiences alike. All three organisations are likeminded in terms of putting local people at the heart of this plan whilst attracting more visitors to the town and its businesses.

As part of the Joule’s Crown Wharf development project, which along with their new Taphouse will also bring a heritage centre to Stone, they have agreed to build the outer-shell of our theatre and restore the existing buildings on the site for our backstage facilities.

The Crown Wharf Theatre is the name of the charitable trust we have subsequently set up to raise the funds needed to turn what will be an empty shell of a building into a functional, practical and habitable theatre! A theatre that will build upon the town’s existing arts, culture and community activity, and will look to foster a sense of a facility run by, and for, the community of Stone.