Our Target

What started out as a 5-10 year passion project has snowballed into a real opportunity to create a cultural and social centre point of our community but we can’t do it alone…

“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main” John Donne

Our friends at Joule’s Brewery have given us a HUGE kick-start by restoring and constructing the shell of what we hope will be our theatre but their effort is just the beginning. The building will be windproof and watertight but will given to us with with grit beneath our feet, bare bricks on our walls and an uninterrupted view straight up to the rafters. Everything from the cables to the pipework, the insulation to the plaster and the radiators to the paint is down to you and me.

We’ve made a strong start, but we still need to raise around £750,000 in order to transform the bare bones of a building into a fully equipped and professional performance and events space.

We need heat so we can warm,
We need power so we can shine,
We need steel so we are strong.

We need floors so we can stand,
We need seats so we can sit,
We need lights so we can see.

We need tools so we can work,
We need curtains so we can open,
And we need you so it can happen.

An ambitious target (slowly swallows) but one that we can achieve with your support. Head to our other fundraising pages to find out how you can get involved whether you’re an individual, business, tradesperson or want to know how you can support project at no cost to you!

We’ve experienced first hand the enrichment, enjoyment and engagement that culture can bring to people and their community and very much hope you will join us on this journey.